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Footcare Information

When you’re born you have no bones in your feet just cartilage & gristle. Between the age of 5 & 8 years old 45 bones develop in your feet. You evolve from toddler to adult by the age of 18. During this growth period, the soft bones must be carefully supported and allowed sufficient room to grow. Around 70% of foot problems come from wearing the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes, particularly in childhood.

The average growth rate of your child’s feet before the age of 4 is between 1-2 sizes per year. Between the age of 5-10 years it’s 1 size per year. Your child’s feet are continually growing and changing shape. They’ll walk an average of 115,000 miles in their lifetime, so it’s important that their feet are cared for at an early age.

Care for them by choosing shoes made of leather which help the feet breath & absorb sweat. Ensure the shoes are soft & flexible which allow the natural movement & growth of your child’s feet. In addition to this, it’s recommended that your child’s feet have a professional shoe fitting check every six to eight weeks as toddlers, and every three to four months once they are older.

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